Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Cards in stock...

For those who requested - I'm just letting you know that the cards printed from my textile art pictures, including the prize winner! (above) are back in stock and can be found here on the website.
They include my latest picture - Holy Trinity Church.
They come in a cellophane wrapper complete with envelope and are blank inside for your own message. Or, of course, you can frame them into mini art works!!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Just had to share a wonderful new find - new to me - I expect I'm a bit behind and the rest of you have been familiar with her for years!!!!
But, just in case, I recently discovered the extremely wonderful Regina Spektor, who sounds like a character from a James Bond film but that is actually her name, and she IS indeed Russian!!
As she says, this is the sound of summer and makes me smile endlessly....

I think this is the vocal equivalent of the 'handmade.' If my cushions and mirrors could sing, they would sound like this!! or I would....if I could....!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

New items....and a special offer!!!

Just updated some new design mirrors with pouches to the website - including this sweet little piggy one!! They come with a little recycled woollen appliqued pouch to keep the mirror safe and sound in your bag. As they come in a cellophane bag they make great gifts too - £6 each.Also put some keyrings on for the first time, again in the wonderfully tactile woollen fabric with appliqued flower.....and matching little flower on the reverse......these are £4.50.There is only one payment for postage on my website no matter how many items you order and what's more, if you bloggy readers put OFFER 15 in the message box when you pay, I will refund 15% of the cost of your items!!!!
If you want a custom colour keyring or mirror, I will try to accomodate you, special requests my speciality!!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Special offer....

This week's special offer is on these huge spotty buttons - you can get them in pink,teal,
and purple,
You can stick them onto a brooch back (get these at feltgirl) and make yourself or a friend a fab brooch!! or you could swap the buttons on a cardi or coat and make a statement!!!
A full 25% off at the moment!!! Bargain!! Get them here.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A new textile art work....

Whilst wandering around my local town, I took lots of photos which are in a pile waiting to be translated into textile pictures, one of these is of the local church, Holy Trinity.
It was a little more complicated than others I've done but really enjoyable.
I'm just really relieved I can still do it!!!!
Now back to the tea cosies!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Bee, a Butterfly ...and a Hare...

Wow! What a week!!!
I entered artWEEK just to see what happened..... and things certainly happened!!!
I sold my pictures, and a lot of mirrors and prints of the pictures, I won a prize....and I even got recognized in the street!!
I think that may count as my 15 minutes of fame?!!
The more lasting elements of the week were these beautiful postcards I bought, by my lovely friend Lisa,
and they are indeed very lovely....and then, of course, there is the hare by Sue Jenkins that I bought with my prize he is!

What a cutie!!! and a lasting reminder of my wonderful week!! Now, there is no time for resting on any laurels....I have a countdown for a designer-makers fair in 12 days time!!! and at the moment I have NO stock!!!!
At this precised moment though, am working on another stitched picture (just wanted to see if I could still do it!!!). Hopefully can do a show and tell tomorrow!! x

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Romance and Rob Ryan....

In the busy-ness, (some might call it chaos but I prefer to consider it busy....ness,) of last week, preparing for artWEEK, I forgot to say that my 20th wedding anniversary appeared.

Yes, out of the blue, just like that! We got married, I turn around, and there we are, 20 years down the line!!!
(Of course, I would like you to understand at this point, that obviously, I was a mere child-bride.)

Well, my lovely husband, who is still lovely after all these years, and annoyingly, has actually got better looking, in that typical manly way of slightly grey hair, crinkly lines around the eyes and a little bit worldly and weatherbeaten but in a kind of George Clooney way! (For goodness sake, don't ever EVER let him know though!!!). As I was saying, my lovely husband, when he puts his mind to it, can be very romantic.
On the morning on our Anniversary, the post arrived and in it was a beautifully wrapped parcel containing this....

Now, the beautifully wrapped parcel was due to Mr Rob Ryan, or his minions, now that he is so very famous, but the book was from my hubby.
I was introduced to Rob Ryan a while ago, by my lovely, inspiring friend, Lisa and immediately fell in love with his work. It is absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiringly intricate. I love, love, love it!!
So you can imagine my delight when this book which I had coveted for so long dropped onto my doormat, not only that, but the extra goodness was so wonderful!! The beautiful card and the cut-out!!! and he signed it!!!!!!!!!!
I was absolutely over-the-moon!!!
So a big thank you to Mister Rob Ryan for the lovely extras and to my ever romantic over half, who truly is my other half, my soul mate, who makes everything that happens extra special by sharing it with me. Here's to the next 20!! xxxx

Sunday, 4 July 2010

A little bit blown away...

and I don't just mean by the great gusty winds that we've had today!
This week is artWEEK, a local exhibition where 425 amateur and professional artists exhibit their work in the Civic Hall - there are also 30 fringe venues around the valley.
This is the first year that I decided to join in - and I put forward two of my sewn fabric art pieces of local lanes...... first South Lane....
then Daisy Lane...
I loved producing these and got a bit carried away at the time, starting to see everything in terms of stitches, so I am very fond of them but I wasn't sure what anyone else would make of them.
So it was a huge surprise when I went to the exhibition today on the first day, and found not only have they both sold already!!!!!!!
But I had won an award!!!
The Florence Parker memorial prize no less - for the best newcomer!!!
Surprised and excited doesn't really sum it up!!!! Giddy, giddy giddy!!!
The prize was some money to spend at the exhibition which I had great fun doing today! Guilt-free shopping!! And my beautiful Sue Jenkins hare sculpture will be coming to live at our house on Saturday... Wonder where my pictures will be going?!!!!x