Thursday, 31 December 2009

I wish you all..

the happiness that comes from being with people that you love, the confidence to be truly yourself, some space of your own to be creative, even if you don't get it right first time.
I wish you some dreams to aim for, lots of hope in your life and the ability to look on the bright side always.
Now, go make lists, wishes, and dreams of your own. Happy New Year to you all and thank you for all your bloggy support in 2009. xxx

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A snapshot of Christmas...

It started with snow....lots of it.....and it was so pretty.....
on the hills, on the hen-house...... it was lovely.....there was even enough to build with.....and this year of course, they had to make......a Snow Pipple!!The Snow Pipple liked watching the hens, who weren't the least bit fazed by the snow and took it all in their stride....
Then there were mince pies......lots of them.....
and the beautiful rainbow tree that was chosen with care and cut by my son....
There is always laughter.....and this year a lot of it was caused by a pinky purple wig that Santa Claus brought Flossie........
my hubby looked more than a little creepy in it.....eughh.....sorry....!
and my lovely Mum couldn't stop laughing in it.....
There were lots of gorgeous presents - this wonderful fabric was from my fab friend Lisa
and this notebook from my son will be perfect for making a List-Making Girl like me, (wish you could feel it, it's kind of embroidered on the top and is very touchy-feely!)
and my sister gave me something every girl should have:
I wonder how long it will last?
Hope you and yours had a good one too! xxx

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I'm dreaming......

of a White Christmas........
oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!!!!!!! xx

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Some Christmas favourites.....

have made their way out of the attic again.....
First of all, there's Santa, waiting patiently for the real one by the wood burner.Then there's the Christmas bunting I made last year, hanging above the beautiful mermaid print by my lovely friend Lisa.And a sign for Santa, to make absolutely sure he stops here (plus a very polite letter for him from Floss).Then there's the 'rainbow' Christmas tree. Every year, I have a theme, usually 2 colours, very calm, very 'designed' - sometimes pink and silver, often white and silver. But this year, in honour of all the rainbow crafting that has been going on this year, I chose pink, yellow, blue, green, red and purple. A decision that was met with whole-hearted child approval!!
Oops, is it really only 9 days?!!!

There has been some crafting going on around here, Flossie did the above picture last night, from felt of course, I am just loving the snow!!
Yes, I must admit, it's getting very Christmassy around here!!
Christmas wishes to all!! xx

Thursday, 10 December 2009

A really SUNSHINEY day!

No crafting news today as it's all gift-making (and it's a suprise!) - thought you might like a little breath of fresh air outside because guess what?
It's sunny!!!
And IN the sun, it's actually warm!!!!
Our poor neglected, leafless garden actually has some rays of sunshine beaming on it today and the skies are BLUE!
What more could you ask for?
Oh well, back to the making........xx

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

What's Hot and what's Not.....

Yay! It's Hot and Not time again this week - joining in with Loobylu.

HOT this week is:-

Calm sewing
After sooooo much sewing last week and a mad 3 fairs on Friday and Saturday, things have calmed down in the 'OMG must do 6 of these, 12 of these, 8 of those' area. And it is lovely!
I am still sewing but only calmly now and mostly for Christmas presents, so the only frustrating thing is that I can't show you anything!

One aim achieved!
I have always wanted to be out somewhere and see someone wearing one of my products and it happened the other evening, at a craft fair. Excuse the poor photo but I had to take it on my phone! The lady over there is wearing my grey shoulder bag!! (and yes, that is my mini stall in the foreground - had to squeeze it all on!)

Proud Mum
Tonight, we are going to see my eldest who has one of the main roles in his college musical - Fame. I'm really nervous, more than him probably, but also very excited. He has really loved all the rehearsing and hopefully will remember everything!!
Pipple World
I'm loving being in Pipple world at the moment - more and more Pipples are going out into the world and some have sent photos back.
And I had the perfectly justifiable excuse to buy some absolutely gorgeous (and expensive) handknit cotton yarn for more Pipple scarves. It knits like a dream and I'd love a scarf in it myself!
These Pipples are well and truly spoiled you know. They've had a bit of scary excitement in Pipple world today though!


The White Rabbit effect
I posted a little while ago about feeling like the white rabbit, constantly late - and yes, I still feel a bit like that - where is the year going? Is it me or is time going at warp speed? Whatever that is. I really have to get on or I'll never be ready for Christmas.

Cold and Wet
Getting a bit fed up with being soaked every time I go out now. It's also dark at 4 o'clock but that actually makes it quite cosy......oops, it's turning into a Hot! No, I really don't like all the rain especially when it's mixed with wind!

Persistant cough
My cold has almost gone now but I have been left with a horrid horrid cough. It sits there simmering until I am somewhere that I really ought to behave myself properly, like the Post Office queue, and then it tickles the back of my throat until it produces a hawking great smoker's cough. People edge away from me and I can't stop or speak until tears are pricking in my eyes!
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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Writing with your sewing machine...

I was commissioned a little while ago to make a cushion for a baby girl called Daisy. I had made a cushion 'A is for apple' and the lady said she would like something similar but obviously, 'D is for daisy'.
I had real fun with this, I found some beautiful daisy fabric in my stash and made the D out of this, then used the rest for the back of the cushion.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out. More to the point, my customer was also really pleased so that was good!!
There is always a 'hold your breath' moment with this cushion because I do the applique of the letter and picture first, then 'write' the words on last. At this point, it could all go horribly wrong. Luckily, it didn't. I really like writing with the sewing machine, it's like learning to write joined up all over again. And very satisfying. When it works. xx

Friday, 4 December 2009

******* WINNERS ********

Well, Flossie pulled out 3 names for the Giveaway and ta-dah!!

First name out, winning the Smiley buttons is:
Congratulations Beck!
Next winning the 20 squares of felt was:
Congratulations Anne Marie - you need to choose 20 colours from here!
And last but not least, winning the Spotty Star buttons:
Congratulations SparklePetal! You need to decide which colours you would like for your stars!
You can see the colours again here.

Well, well done everyone!! Hope you enjoyed it. I will do another at the end of December to cheer us all up in that dip in post Christmas celebrations!! xx
ps - can the winners email me at with their addresses and colour choices if needed so I can post the prizes out!! xx

Thursday, 3 December 2009

My creative space....

this week is full of yummy glorious rainbow piles of felt.Feeling a bit like Alice's White Rabbit - 'I'm late...I'm late!' all day today. So much to do so little time....and yet strangely not achieving much!!! See you tomorrow for a calm Friday post with the giveaway winners names which will be drawn in about 3 hours time.
So you've just got time to jump down that rabbit hole and leave a comment here so your name is there for a chance to win some of the yummy goodness!!! xx
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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

What's Hot and what's Not.....

Joining in again with Loobylu again this week -

What's Hot

Getting the cute little Pipple cards back from Moo today. Love them. They're green on the back which you can't see, and I'm really happy with them.

My Bond
Shopping today for a tuxedo (for his High School Dinner Dance) with my 15 year old who is nearly six feet tall now and who looked like a young James Bond when he tried it on. Made my heart somersault with pride. That's MY boy!!!!! (no photo yet - but I WILL get one on the night!!)

Advent calendars and all that jazz..

I do LOVE this time of year and the build up to Christmas! I must say though, that since I started all this crafting malarky it is not as relaxing as it used to be. Exciting though, and challenging, and fun. Definitely fun.

Dare I say the P word again? I do apologise for those of you sick of the Pipples already but when I look up from my sewing or accounts! (eugghh yes I know!!) as I did earlier today and see their little faces staring at me, well, just look..... they make me happy.

What's Not

Bank errors
Spent/wasted loads of time this week already trying to sort out how some money has disappeared from my account, slowly but surely every month. Finally realised when the amounts got larger and more frequent. Sorted now but REALLY annoyingly time-wasting!

Being ill
I have a cold and although it's not a bad one, I still feel 'off' and I don't WANT it thank you very much.

Well, that's not too bad is it - only 2 moans and 4 happys. As long as it's that way round it's fine!

PS Don't forget about my GIVEAWAY of yesterday's post. If you leave a comment here then you're in with a chance. I am going get Floss to draw 3 names out on Thursday - that way, I can post Friday if I have the addresses!!! Good luck! xx
PPS You can see other great HOT and NOTs here.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Busy busy busy....AND A GIVEAWAY!!!

Yes, it's all going on here at the moment. So many things to do....
Of course that's good. And also a little worrying- I don't really like that little panicky nagging feeling that I have 168 things to do and only five minutes to do it all in!
I spent the whole weekend at the local craft market as it was the Christmas market and the local lights were switched on. A big Hello to all the lovely people who came and saw us all there. There was a good atmosphere - we even had mulled wine to warm us!
I took a basketful of Pipples along to join in the fun. I did let them out when we got there - they were starting to squabble as they were a little squashed!

They absolutely loved seeing all the people - although I couldn't bring myself to leave them alone on the Saturday night and had to bring them home with me!

Lost it? What is that you say? Hmmm, maybe never had it!!!

I've also made some new baby Pipples and they are so cute!! Read more about the Pipples here.

Now onto the end of November GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I enjoyed last month's giveaway so much that I'm going to try and do it at the end of every month.
This time, there will be another THREE giveaway gifts -
1) BECAUSE THEY WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY - a whole handful of smiley face buttons, 6 yellow, 6 pink and 6 turquoise happy smiley little faces for you!
20 sheets of felt in 9" squares this time and YOU get to choose the colours - from all of these!!!
and 3) BECAUSE IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMAS - 20 gorgeous polka dotty spotty star buttons -
choose colours from blue, orange, yellow, green, purple and pink.
How will you choose?
To enter simply leave a comment at the end of this post. There you are - lovely crafting bloggy people - my Christmas gift to 3 of you at least! xx

Friday, 27 November 2009

Creating ........

is a peculiar process sometimes, don't you find?
For a long time now, I have wanted to make something that had a personality.
A little life of its own.

Something I could grow a little bit fond of.

Something I could maybe make lots of and they would look cute together.

I tried dolls at first. And fairies.

But there was something wrong with the scale. And the fact that there are lots of doll creatures out there.
Then I thought about teddies,
but there are even more teds than dolls I think. Then rabbits, mice, monkeys, even snakes.

Nothing felt quite right.
Then the other day, whilst messing about with a sock, and squeezing it and filling it with just the right amount of filling, I almost accidentally made a creature.
This creature looked up at me with soulful eyes, willing me to make some friends for it, and stared even more soulfully at the lovely new wool I had put to one side for the day I finally learn to crochet. The very expensive wool than was meant to be a beautiful crocheted blanket. Or something.
But the little creature was cold. It really needed a scarf. Out of the lovely new wool. And so I gave in.
Then Flossie came in. She exclaimed and LOVED the creature so much that I gave it to her. So then I had to make some more.
What were the creatures called? she asked. I'm not sure, I replied. They're a bit like people, but not.
They're Pipples then, she said, matter-of-factly, like the wise child that she is.
And so the Pipples arrived.
Every day a few more arrive.
They are very friendly creatures and don't take up much room.
Today a Flug came too. He was supposed to be a Pipple but half way through the making, he informed me that he was NOT a Pipple but was in fact a Flug.
Sometimes I do wonder who is in charge here........