Monday, 31 May 2010

Saturday, 29 May 2010

5 new cosies.....

Here is a little peak of the 5 new tea cosies - order fulfilled!!I love making these - love piecing the fabrics together, choosing the sizes, cuts and where each should go. They're all made from vintage and 'found' fabrics, recycled, re-used, re-made. Just need some labels now.
Now for the coffee cosies....

Thursday, 27 May 2010

3 cushions....

I have listed 3 of my last V for Violet cushions in the V for Violet Etsy shop at a bargain price today. A whole $10 off!!They include the gorgeous china girl fabric above and my favourite stripey fabric, wonderfully named 'pink lemonade'! which has now all sadly been used up. Then there is the green geometric with polka dots:-and finally the summer dahlia fabric, a print I never tire of. All 3 have pom pom trims and a duck feather filled inner pad. They measure 16" x 12" and if you are outside the UK, I am happy to sell you the cover only to save on postage, just email.

Now, back to the on-going sewing!! xx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Very Merry UnBirthday!!!

I was recently one of the winners in the lovely Heather of the fab Pink Milk blog.
This was VERY exciting since I have never won anything before!!
What's more, I got to choose my prize!! A gorgeously pretty wooden rosy heart. I chose the yellow one which is absolutely beautiful.
It was a Very Merry Unbirthday when it arrived!! So prettily wrapped, it was a real treat to receive.
and Heather was kind enough to put in some extras - a Keep Calm postcard in a beautiful violet colour, and 2 rosy magnets!!
So a big thank you Heather!! They have all found immediate homes within my home and look splendid I must say!
Sewing-wise, here is a sneaky peak at one of the vintage tea cosies I'm working on..... only a peak, mind, just another 5 to go!! So, back to the cutting board!
Have a very merry un-birthday yourself! xx

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

More free-hand sewing!!

I've really got into sewing the local views!!
This is one of the favourite views of our local town. I absolutely love the fact that you can sit in the middle of town and yet those hills are so close!! Just beckoning you forward towards them!!
I took this photo at the traffic lights (they were red!, so I was stationary, just in case you're wondering!)
So I got to work and stitched my favourite view!!
I can see myself going in this direction quite a bit - it's got to the point where I'm starting to see things in 'stitches' and outlines when I'm out!!!
Now looking at other objects to sew!! Hubby better not stand still too long!! xx

Friday, 21 May 2010

Vintage finds....

On a recent visit to a thrift shop, my heart skipped a beat as I spied these beautiful vintage scales!! You know what it's like when you can't believe some other person hasn't spotted your find already and made off with it!!
I couldn't get in there quick enough!!
Once they were safely within my eager hands, I could barely part with them to let the lady wrap them in newspaper!
When I got home and looked at them more carefully, I discovered they say Made in Sweden and I just love the little floral picture.

I had bought them with the hope of using them every day happily weighing out buttons in my sewing room. Sadly, they are not that accurate, but I will not part with them now and they are sitting happily with other 'finds' on my Grandma's chest of drawers.
I also bought this lovely jug - loved the pattern and the colour and the useful size. This is being used daily as it holds the perfect amount of milk so that it doesn't require filling every five seconds!!
I do love a good find, don't you? And I love imagining where the finds have come from and who used them daily!! x