Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Bee, a Butterfly ...and a Hare...

Wow! What a week!!!
I entered artWEEK just to see what happened..... and things certainly happened!!!
I sold my pictures, and a lot of mirrors and prints of the pictures, I won a prize....and I even got recognized in the street!!
I think that may count as my 15 minutes of fame?!!
The more lasting elements of the week were these beautiful postcards I bought, by my lovely friend Lisa,
and they are indeed very lovely....and then, of course, there is the hare by Sue Jenkins that I bought with my prize he is!

What a cutie!!! and a lasting reminder of my wonderful week!! Now, there is no time for resting on any laurels....I have a countdown for a designer-makers fair in 12 days time!!! and at the moment I have NO stock!!!!
At this precised moment though, am working on another stitched picture (just wanted to see if I could still do it!!!). Hopefully can do a show and tell tomorrow!! x


  1. I love the hare. What a great choice you made. He has such character.

  2. Thank you x Can't wait to see your next stitched artwork and of course you can still do it!!!! the fames only just beginning!!x

  3. That hare is glorious!
    I always want to quote Withnail & I when I see a hare "Here Hare Here"
    Well done you, you deserve it!