Wednesday, 30 June 2010

small things....

After the bags and cushions, I had a real urge to work on something small, more containable if you know what I mean.....
So I looked at my scrap basket which is indeed overflowing and probably needs a good sort out....and I decided to use some of the vintage and scrappy bits of fabric to make some mirrors.....
then I thought that in your handbag, amongst all the clutter and bits and bobs that you carry around all the time (or is that just me?)! it probably would be a good idea to protect the little mirror.
I had just the thing, a creamy soft woollen blanket which I rescued from a charity shop (thrift store) months ago because I loved it's softness, knowing one day the ideal use for it would occur (as they often do).....
and so I made a soft protective cover and appliqued a little heart on the outside so that you might get a little vintage goodness to match the mirror inside. They would make a lovely gift too, in fact, I know just who to give one to.
They are on the website now and will be in the Etsy shop soon.
I've an idea for something equally small which I'll show you when it's ready......xx

Monday, 28 June 2010

New cushions!

I've been making cushions - pink and purple...turquoise and lilac....
funky geometric in gold and brown...and a floral bouquet in red, grey and cream, which looks faintly Swedish to me, not sure why!!
All gorgeous, vintage, recycled fabrics, all feather filled for sumptuous-ness (is that really a word?!) and all in my shop now.
They all have the neat envelope back which conceals a zip too and are all backed with linen. Too much? Yes I know, but I do like to spoil you!!
Off to make some bags now. x

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I have brought...

some summer inside today.....
these sweet peas are growing wild in our garden and they are scented so we are really lucky.

I'm busy making some cushions today, having finally taught myself a different way of putting in the zip.
Oh, and I forgot to say, after a bit of a pause, I've finally got back into doing my crocheted blanket that I started ages ago, thanks to the football World Cup!!!
When the rest of the family are settled in front of a game, I sit with them but I also do a square or two!! Slowly but surely, it's growing!!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Perfect weather for...

pegging out the washing here in England!!
I've been inspired to make some peg bags over the weekend. But these are not just any peg-bags (or clothes pin bags!!) oh no!! These are luxury vintage peg bags!
I revisited my peg bag pattern, and revamped it, upping the luxury element - these are interfaced for thickness, and fully lined. They also have a touch of velvet or giant ric rac trimming. I just love working with vintage fabrics, each with their own particular history, giving each another new life. ... I love this 1960's geometric dot -and this funky 1970's curves with a hint of orange...
and I really like how the modern giant ric rac goes so well with the 1970's funky flower pattern.Really pleased with the quality feel that they now have, thanks to the full the lining - they feel really thick and substantial now - just perfect for putting that washing outside in a stylishly retro, ecologically friendly manner!!!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Simple vintage pleasures....

One of my favourite things, as you probably know by now, is vintage fabric.
Another, is to hang out washing amongst the apple trees in the garden.
When the two coincide, it is indeed blissful.
As it was yesterday.
A beautifully sunny day, I was in heaven as I washed these beautiful vintage fabrics and hung them between the trees.
(I was also wearing a proper house cleaning pinny and some green wellies and I did indeed feel like a mixture of Barbara from the 'Good LIfe' and good old Doris (Day of course!!!))
I can't wait to work with these utterly gorgeous patterns....Later, I made two more Juliet shoulder bags - although I couldn't help renaming this one the 'I used to be a 1970's bedspread' bag!!!!
Do you like how the fringing from the bedspread is on the pocket? Must admit, this made me smile!!
This fabric reminds me so much of my childhood, although my bedspread was of the lilac variety!Then I made another in a 'faux' patchwork also from the 1970's.
I do like how the same bag looks different in the widely differing fabrics. This one still has the vintage vibe though!! They are both now on my website.

It's really cloudy and drizzly today so no washing today but hopefully plenty more making!!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Every now and then...

a burst of colour will appear as if from nowhere.......even in the kitchen department of a large store......
and when it does, it lifts me beyond measure... and takes me back to the time when as a child, I was given a new pack of 72 felt pens and I felt like I owned every colour in the world and the possibilities were endless!!
Here's to a colourful day for all of us!! x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Okay - so I've re-drawn and re-cut this pattern four times, really patiently and calmly (oh yeah!!!), then I forced myself to pin it first, realised that if I'd sewn it that way, then I would have been unpicking it!! Then felt really pleased with myself for pinning first!
But finally, I pulled it the right way round (I love that moment, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat!) and ta-dah!! It works!
Not only that, I'm happy with the size, the shape and the details. In fact, I've already thought of a way of adding another little detail. So what do you think?
The 'Juliet' bag.
I've trimmed with my favourite velvet, cos you need a little luxury.
It has two pockets, one outside, one inside and a nice wide-ish strap so it's comfy on your shoulder. And of course, it's vintage, end of roll fabric.
with a little bit of Anna Maria inside. Will be in my shop a little later, if you can't live without it!!!
Today, I'm off to make another one! while I'm on a roll!! In amongst collecting Son 2 from his maths exam, and watching Daughter in a cricket tournament, and buying my Dad a birthday present! Hope you can squeeze in some crafting! xx

Monday, 14 June 2010


Well, what a weekend for being noticed!!
First I was featured in the Stripey Treasury mentioned yesterday, then the lovely Tracylea put my coffee cosy in her blog's 'I-Spy Sunday'.
And then, Kikichoo put my Union Jack Candy cushion in her Treasury:

    Wow!! another lovely Treasury full of colour. Thanks to all of you! x
I am in the process of drafting out a new bag pattern. Have already made two prototypes and I feel like its nearly there - maybe just one more try!! x

Sunday, 13 June 2010

A Stripey Treasury....

My stripey buttons have been featured in possibly my most favourite Treasury on Etsy EVER!!
Just look:
How absolutely gorgeous is that!! Compiled by the lovely Heather and chockablock full of stripey goodness. More than enough colourful goodies to brighten this very grey rainy day!!