Monday, 30 August 2010

Sew Hip magazine....

Yours truly is in this month's issue - issue 21 of fab crafty mag - Sew Hip!!!!
I LOVE this magazine - which has none of the 'stuffiness' or old-fashioned-ness(!) in the worst sense of the word, of other crafting magazines. It is modern and bright and has loads to inspire - if you haven't already, check it out!! You can get it online or I do know WH Smith's has it.
Look! There's my cushion! on the Editor's page no less!
very strange seeing my name in print!!
This is one of my earliest patterns and I love the versatility which choice of fabric can bring - the look of the cushion is completely changed depending on the colours/patterns you pick.
This one was made which totally recycled fabric - the floral pattern was a little girl's dress, the checked orange was a man's shirt and the backing was a linen sheet.
Really pleased with the styling - love the bare brick wall and shabby chic chair!!
* * * * *
and it's time for the ***offer of the week*** at and you're going to like this!!
JUMBO cotton ric rac in 3 beautiful colours!!
This is SO gorgeous - you can stitch it whole for a big statement or tuck it under and have a wonderfully wavy edge!!
There's a jumbo 25% off this week only making it only £1.60 per metre. Comes in teal, lavender or peachy-pink - if you've ever thought about trying this, now could be the perfect time. x


  1. Congrats on the feature! I love the cushion and, like you, love how its been styled.


  2. Wow that's fantastic! I'm made up for you, I'm going to buy the magazine so I can show everyone and say..."I know Tanya Palmer"!!! brilliant!!!:)xx

  3. Well done you!!! Will get the mag on the way home tonight. Kx