Saturday, 15 August 2009

Home again....

Well, we're back from two glorious, eventful and relaxing weeks in Cornwall.
We've had surf, sea, sun and showers and we revisited old favourites like the lovely town of Mousehole:-
we ate fish and chips, and whippy ice creams, and we played in the surf -

and we found this glorious cove which is straight out of Enid Blyton's Famous Five:-
We had quite a few adventures, got stuck in the mud and had to be towed out, squashed a frog (by accident) and discovered it and the awful smell only when packing up our tent!
I even had a spot of retail therapy and found the wonderful Cath Kidston shop in St Ives!!!
Oh the frustration in finding it closed on our first visit! And oh the bliss of going back (my husband knows me too well!) a few days later for a few treats!
So now we are back, and although slightly overwhelmed by dirty washing and all the bags still to be unpacked, I'm very glad to be home. Although I do miss the surf.....

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