Thursday, 30 July 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...

and we're off on a camping holiday in Cornwall in 2 days!!!
Now, I don't mind a bit of rain pitter pattering lightly on the tent roof to remind you that you're connected with nature but it is looking a bit intimidating!!
When my husband and I weren't married yet, we went on a month's tour of Europe in a tent. We pitched it in the dark up a mountain in Austria and woke up at 3 a.m. laying in a small lake. It is something that has stayed with both of us forever!!
The children are very excited about going camping, with my 15 year old saying 'I like camping in the rain!' - I wonder how many days will pass before they are asking to go home!!!!
Still, we are going - and we are hoping for the best.
(Picture us in a week's time, huddled on the beach, umbrellas and cagoules up and on!) I have a plan to put my wetsuit on when we get there and keep it on until we come home.

On the bright side, I found this:-
beautiful piece of embroidery done by my Grandma - it is so perfect, it's hard to tell which is the front and which is the back! It makes me sooo happy to know that there is definitely something in the genes that always loved sewing and creating something pretty....

I also found her collection of buttons. There is something very personal about finding a little tin filled with odd collected buttons. Not sure what to do with the above, which is a little table runner, maybe for a dressing table. I might frame it. I just need a bigger sewing room as I have totally run out of wall space!!

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