Friday, 7 May 2010

A lovely day for...

washing!! Bright and breezy and just right for drying!!Having ummed and ahhed over flowers, birds or houses, I tried flowers first on the new linen tea towels.
I have found a British supplier of these 100% linen tea towels and am really pleased with them - they are such fantastic quality. I like the flowers all in black with only one coloured in teal. Tried it on the oven and it looked ready for anything!!
The only thing is...they don't fit in very well with my vintagey patchwork pieced bags and cushions and I am trying to streamline the range!! What do you think?
Have a lovely and productive weekend - will be at the local Folk Festival selling my wares!! xx


  1. You're right, the two colours look just right together.
    Good luck with the festival (not that you need it, obviously!)

  2. Loving those tea towels!
    Maybe you could sew a little vintage square with your name label on to make them go with your cushions......
    Good luck at the festival!

  3. Love the linens! Just a little strip of your vintage fabric would make them just right :)

  4. They look great! Perfect weather here too, loving the sunshiney Autumn weekend...

  5. They are perfect for those who love patchwork but are a little shy, they can start with the linen & work their way up to a burst of colour, love Posie

  6. They look lovely...too nice to dry your pots with!

  7. I agree - too special for chores!! Beautiful ...