Tuesday, 25 May 2010

More free-hand sewing!!

I've really got into sewing the local views!!
This is one of the favourite views of our local town. I absolutely love the fact that you can sit in the middle of town and yet those hills are so close!! Just beckoning you forward towards them!!
I took this photo at the traffic lights (they were red!, so I was stationary, just in case you're wondering!)
So I got to work and stitched my favourite view!!
I can see myself going in this direction quite a bit - it's got to the point where I'm starting to see things in 'stitches' and outlines when I'm out!!!
Now looking at other objects to sew!! Hubby better not stand still too long!! xx


  1. What a lovely picture! Neat idea!

  2. love how these are turning out :) And can't wait to see more wonderful sites.

  3. Fabulous! you know I love them! keep going with them they're great!:)