Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Special offer....

On the Feltgirl front I have been looking around my lovely new sewing room and realised (now I can actually see everything better!) that there are a lot of lovely things that aren't in the Etsy or Folksy shop or even on the website!! How absolutely remiss of me!! I hear you cry!
To be perfectly honest, some of it is stuff I was keeping just for me but even I have to admit that it might take me years to use all these buttons and ribbons!!
To remedy the situation (and keep up the pretence to hubby that I am actually running a business!!) I have decided to start listing a few bits here and there.
I have also decided, in order to put an extra bit of excitement in our lives, to have a
Weekly Special Offer!!!
Yes!!! Please try and contain yourselves!!
Each week I will choose an item and put it forward with a whopping amount off - I know you all love a bargain!!
This week the spotlight of special offer will shine on these totally scrummy inch-and-a-half wide, super duper, sooo tactile, solid colour buttons!!!
Yes I know!!! Do sit down for a minute and look.........they come in 11 shades from Pastels - lilac, soft pink, white, baby blue, peppermint, and apple green,
to the stronger shades, including purple, teal, candy, scarlet and 70's orange.
They measure 1.5" or just under 4cm in diameter and are lovely and tactile.
Fab for the centre piece of brooches or in button jewellery, or brighten up your wardrobe and change the buttons on a jacket or cardi!!
For this week there is 30% off - so they are normally 70p each and for this week, they are 50p each. You will be able to buy them on my website here or in the folksy or etsy shop in my sidebar or of course, you can contact me at the above email address.


  1. Wonderful buttons Tanya!

    You were one of my 'winners' yesterday - if you let me have your address and choice of rosy heart, via, I'll post it off to you.


  2. WOOT FOr special offers :)
    and you know how we all adore your buttons