Wednesday, 15 September 2010

busy simplifying....

After managing my little crafty business for many months now, one of the things that has quite taken me by surprise is that however hard I might try to plan and organise (both things I LOVE to do!!) my little business seems to often take me in a quite different direction to the one I thought I was travelling along......
In an effort to get a little grip on things before they run completely away with me.....I have been doing a little planning.....yes, again!!
Now that vintage has come into my business in such a big way, indeed it has forced itself in there, from my vintage fabrics to the cake plate collection (a story for another day I think), it has occurred to me that my v for violet range has diminished and the vintage range is taking over.
My textile pictures have also become so addictive that I just can't help doing them and since they are done under my actual name, then I feel I need a vintage name to separate the two.....just in case anyone comes along for a little look hoping to find a 'real artist' living here!!!
Consequently, I have decided to do all the vintagey stuff under the umbrella of Tea Pea Vintage (which clever readers will immediately spot as being my initials!!! Clever huh?!! Okay, well I liked it!!)
It then occurred to me that having a vforviolet blog was a little odd, and also hard to find if one was looking for tea pea vintage?
And so...........lovely readers, I am asking you to please bear with me.......and follow me across to HERE which will be my new home.
Now I can take everything from this blog with me except for you, my lovely followers so I should be very much obliged (not to mention jumping up and down with glee) if you would add yourself as a follower at the new place please!!!! (Otherwise I shall be very lonely and sad by myself!)
I will see you there in a moment...and in the meantime, I will leave you with a strange photo of me mid-making, surrounded by vintage 'stuff' and watched carefully by the Bodkins, of course.


  1. I have signed up to your new blog and become your first google follower over there. Yay! :)

  2. I've just been over too! Enjoy your new blog home..what a sweet name you have chosen!

  3. What a clever new name! I'll be over to Tea Pea Vintage now.....
    Gorgeous ;)

  4. i like ur blog ! :)
    is fantastic ! :D
    i very like ur notes !
    more more !!

    if you want follow me and write comment :**