Monday, 6 September 2010

Pick and Mix...

Morning everyone! I must say I do like Monday mornings, especially when everyone has gone to work/college/school!!! Such promise of possibilities that might be achieved....every Monday is a new start!!
Bit of a panic, however, this morning with last minute ironing for #2 whilst the college bus was due any minute!!!
However, all was well, and the bus stop is luckily almost opposite us. (It was also one of those times when the bus was a bit late as it happened - which I know will lead later to moans of "Why did you rush us so much Mum? We had to wait AGES!! There was plenty of time!!!") Hmmm.
Anyway, we had a great weekend, not least because it was a good friend's birthday party and the theme was the Blues Brothers. The film was shown first, then there was lovely food and dancing. I do love dressing up - but would actually prefer to be in a romantic Victorian costume, or maybe one from Jane Austen..... still, we made an effort!!
Thank you to all those people who emailed and said how glad they are that the Bodkins have returned - see what having a timetable does? The little Bodkins have had a quiet summer but now they are definitely back and up to their old tricks no doubt! At least poor little Monty is back.The Offer of the Week this week at is FELT!!! Yes, it's a pack of 40 mini wool mix felt squares in 40 gorgeous colours. I do of course, LOVE this felt already, and am quite evangelical about it - so wonderfully soft, no horrid nylon feel, and yet you can wash it at 30 degrees and it irons like a dream!
If you've ever wanted to try it - maybe make a brooch, hair accessories, heart, flowers, or applique onto card or fabric, then now is maybe the time to try - with a massive 25% off this week only, it is a mere £3.75 per pack for 40 colours.
Get them here. (Of course, with there being a £1.80 postage fee no matter what you buy, if you find yourself drifting around the buttons or ribbons aisle, don't worry).
This post really is a mix and match isn't it!
Well, before I go and get on with the next timetabled action!!! I wanted to show you a different version of the bird textile artwork I made at the weekend. It was my plan to do these in different colours and I have a green one to do today!!
But for now, here is mr bird, looking perky in yellow.
Have a good Monday! x

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  1. Love the Bodkins! Hope Monty isn't getting a headache with all the blood rushing to his head like that! ;)