Sunday, 12 September 2010

vintage transport....

I have rescued my lovely vintage dutch bike from the depths of the shed and spent ages pumping up the tyres. (Didn't actually realise you had to release the valve before pumping - I wondered why they weren't getting any harder!!)
However....done now (thanks to my Dad - do we EVER really grow up?!!)
And the plan is to cycle into town to post parcels 3 times a week.....
therefore cutting down on harm to the environment from horrid car exhaust fumes, get a bit of fresh air and a bit fitter (ha,ha!), and mostly to get back that feeling of being 10 years old again and 'at one' with my bike!!!!!
Do hope I don't fall off!!! x


  1. I LOVE your bike! I've been on the lookout at opshops & garage sales for a sweet old bike to ride around town..

  2. Fab! I rescued a bike from my step dads shed last year and put it to good use but it has a flat tyre at the moment. Also the bloomin chain has started slipping. We live up a very steep farm track and just as I was putting all my might into getting up the hill, it slipped and I went crumpling to the ground......I'm laughing but it was sore! lol

  3. Good for you - what a great idea. I hope the weather stays fair for you.

  4. Where did you get those prints on the wall? They are awesome!!!