Friday, 3 September 2010


Still sticking to my 'timetable' and finding it really does give focus. I didn't factor in any outside stuff though - such as taking #2 to open his first bank account, or meeting with a printer to talk about prints and cards!!
At least though, it makes me realise where I have lost time and which bit needs more time adding to it. (I know what I mean!!)
Anyway, the children have all gone back to school and college and it is strange not to hear them running up and down stairs now and then, giggling and bickering, and even stranger not to find a teenager still wrapped up in a mass of duvet in his bed at mid-day!!
In part of my textile art slot this week, I experimented with a picture I have had in my head for a while and I'm really pleased with how it turned out......(despite my Dad saying, when he saw it - 'would it take you long to colour it in?'!!!!!) Just doesn't get it!!!
I'm doing a couple of others in different colours - I think this would look lovely as a card?
Oh, and talking of cards, if you're anywhere local to Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, the Tourist Information shop are now stocking my textile art cards. Yay!!! x


  1. Ah yes, a schedule!! See i had planned to sew for a market i have next weekend, only remembered i'm the fundraising coordinator for school & had to organise over 200 gifts for Father's Day. Joy!! I think for a few years children will remain my happy distraction (i had so much more time when they were home with me, school takes up more time, i know, without them around??!!) So i will try a new schedule when my husband is back (he's taking war leave, yippee, for the rest of the year) & then be hyper productive. Love Posie

  2. Wow! Oh how I wish I could do something like this. I'm sure it'll look fab as a card. Congrats on getting your textile art cards stocked too!


  3. BRILLIANT!!!! I'll pop in and buy some more! Love your little sparrow on the hot orange, I see a whole range of these in bright contemporary colours, beautiful! So talented! I definitely need a time table! xx

  4. p.s....are you going to colour it in?.....only joking!!