Sunday, 13 September 2009

A bit of crafting

Now that she has received the parcel and seen it, I can show you the bag I designed and made for my favourite Aunt's birthday.
Using an existing bag that was the right shape as a guide, I cut out the wonderful pear fabric and chose some stripey fabric for the lining. The existing bag didn't have lining, so I added this to the pattern - I also added a pocket inside. I used iron-on interfacing to give it a little more sturdiness. My Aunt had said that she would like good length straps to make it easy to carry so I increased the length of these.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out -

I also worked on a cushion commission - for a wedding present. A new take on the LOVE cushion:-
I added a polka dot fabric reverse -
Now I just have not one, not two but THREE mountains of no more crafting today!! Hopefully more to show you tomorrow - of more making, not the ironing! x

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  1. I am looking at your blog through a recommendation. Your blog is very different to mine which is all about my dog, but its really inspirational and interesting! I love the bag and cushion, handmade is so fabulous