Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A fruitful day...

It's been an absolutely gorgeous day here in Yorkshire. Warm, one might even say, balmy, with blue skies and sunshine! It was however a bit blowy - washing had to be pegged a little more than normal but it managed to stay on the line!
The sunshine has helped to ripen my cherry tomatoes at last and they did look lovely:
It was sooo satisfying to pick some of the little red ones to have with my lunch - and yes, they did taste better than shop bought ones.
We are lucky enough to have a really mini 'orchard' in our sadly neglected higgeldy piggeldy garden (well, we have 2 apple trees and 2 pear trees!) The apples have been very good this year and Flossie and her Dad spent a happy hour with cutters and sticks (don't ask) collecting this little lot -
I love having the apples, but I do wish they ripened a few at a time, enough for one crumble or pie each time - wouldn't that be great?! In the meantime, if anyone has some good 'apple" recipes I would be very grateful. I can make sauce, pie and crumble but there my repertoire ends! Help!!
I have had a lovely day playing with felt. I packed up some orders then realised I had run out of the 40 packs. So, nothing to be done but spend some time listening to Radio 4 and making piles of rainbows-
Then I got to play with the camera AND the felt!! I am so loving the colours....
I do so love my job! x

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