Sunday, 6 September 2009

A little bit of Christmas and an early gift...

Well, I have spent nearly all day on the computer, updating the supplies website with all manner of lovely things - amongst them some Christmas, yes you did read correctly - Christmas supplies, some cute little Christmas Tree buttons, holly sprigs, presents and Santa buttons. I love them all and I must say, I did begin to feel a little Christmassy excitement when I was photographing and loading them onto the website. (I had to keep that bit quiet though, as S. belongs to the 'no sign of Christmas before December brigade!!') But for those of you who do like a little bit of early Christmas, here's a sneak preview.....don't tell the others!!
Well, it did take quite a long time as my hyperlinks kept moving unexpectedly every time I updated a page so things weren't linked properly. Don't know why, but it was very frustrating!!
I managed to sort it out though and I must say I am quite pleased with how it's all looking now. It leaves me free to do some actual creating now that all the admin type jobs are getting done.
I have soooo many plans for things I want to make that sometimes I feel paralysed not knowing what to do first!
My daughter Flossie, as she is known here, hasn't had that problem this weekend. She asked for some felt and disappeared for a while then presented me with this beautifully wrapped surprise...
I opened it to find this:-
a beautiful little lavender-smelling duck - it was a real lump at the back of the throat moment - she was so proud of the little fellow and you could tell she really wanted to keep him but generous as she is, she wanted me to have him as well!
We're going to share him. xx


  1. Ahhhh. How adorable is the little bird that your daughter made for you! How sweet she must be :)

    I was just in your Etsy shop too. Love the Echino Cars bag ... I've had that fabric on my "wishlist" for quite some time and still haven't yet broken down and purchased some!

    (rumblegirl visiting from swapbot)

  2. Oh that is so so cute!
    I was assigned your blog through swapbot and I'm super glad I did - I love it. You choose fantastic fabrics :-)
    I'm originally form Yorkshire (Northalleton) but now live all the way away in New Zealand. Look forward to reading more.
    P.s Flossie is the most adorable name - and she is obviously very talented!

  3. like mother like daughter...the creative bit...not the flossie bit!!...although I don't know!! loving your blog L:)x

  4. Hi

    I was assigned too through swap-bot and ADORE this blog! I'm totally following from now on!

    Ilovelunalovegood x