Tuesday, 15 September 2009

perfect morning...

Well, I have just had the most lovely morning - first it is the day of the ribbon swap that I'm in with Swap-bot and I was assigned my partners. So I had great fun assembling the packs of ribbons and I'm really looking forward to getting mine - I LOVE ribbons!! I'll show you what I sent when I know that my partners have got theirs and of course, I'll show you what I get too!!
Then I had just made myself a snack,
and guess what? Just at that moment the postman arrived with THIS:-
How's that for perfect timing?!!!
Of course I realise I'm a little behind most of you all in blogland with my discovery of Amanda Soule and her great blog, so I just had to send for this great book - and I am not disappointed. It is real eye candy and very inspiring.
When I finally dragged myself away from all the handmade yumminess, I made something which I have been wanting to make for a while:-
it took longer than I thought but was really satisfying,
I do so love rainbow colours together. x

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