Thursday, 10 December 2009

A really SUNSHINEY day!

No crafting news today as it's all gift-making (and it's a suprise!) - thought you might like a little breath of fresh air outside because guess what?
It's sunny!!!
And IN the sun, it's actually warm!!!!
Our poor neglected, leafless garden actually has some rays of sunshine beaming on it today and the skies are BLUE!
What more could you ask for?
Oh well, back to the making........xx


  1. Just the sort of skies I was admiring today! Baby is very excited by vapour trails and points to them whenever she sees them.

    My spotty star giveaway buttons arrived today, thank you, they are darling!

  2. Lovely! Sun has magic powers, I think - it just makes ya feel happy! Enjoy!

  3. I agree, the sun DOES have magic powers! What a beautiful day!

    Do you think any more Pipples will be making their way to your home soon? There might just be a home all the way over in Australia waiting to adopt one!

    xx Bec.

  4. Thank you Bec, the Giant Snook told me that a whole lot of Pipples will be coming very soon. They are just a bit slow - must have some Flugs with them!! xx

  5. Oh Tanya, lovely shots! I lived in the UK for six years and absolutely loved it. You have just taken me back, the sky over there is so different, I used to love it when it was 'drawn on' like that and sometimes, at sunset the trails would turn neon pink. Ahhh!! : )
    ~ Alisa