Tuesday, 8 December 2009

What's Hot and what's Not.....

Yay! It's Hot and Not time again this week - joining in with Loobylu.

HOT this week is:-

Calm sewing
After sooooo much sewing last week and a mad 3 fairs on Friday and Saturday, things have calmed down in the 'OMG must do 6 of these, 12 of these, 8 of those' area. And it is lovely!
I am still sewing but only calmly now and mostly for Christmas presents, so the only frustrating thing is that I can't show you anything!

One aim achieved!
I have always wanted to be out somewhere and see someone wearing one of my products and it happened the other evening, at a craft fair. Excuse the poor photo but I had to take it on my phone! The lady over there is wearing my grey shoulder bag!! (and yes, that is my mini stall in the foreground - had to squeeze it all on!)

Proud Mum
Tonight, we are going to see my eldest who has one of the main roles in his college musical - Fame. I'm really nervous, more than him probably, but also very excited. He has really loved all the rehearsing and hopefully will remember everything!!
Pipple World
I'm loving being in Pipple world at the moment - more and more Pipples are going out into the world and some have sent photos back.
And I had the perfectly justifiable excuse to buy some absolutely gorgeous (and expensive) handknit cotton yarn for more Pipple scarves. It knits like a dream and I'd love a scarf in it myself!
These Pipples are well and truly spoiled you know. They've had a bit of scary excitement in Pipple world today though!


The White Rabbit effect
I posted a little while ago about feeling like the white rabbit, constantly late - and yes, I still feel a bit like that - where is the year going? Is it me or is time going at warp speed? Whatever that is. I really have to get on or I'll never be ready for Christmas.

Cold and Wet
Getting a bit fed up with being soaked every time I go out now. It's also dark at 4 o'clock but that actually makes it quite cosy......oops, it's turning into a Hot! No, I really don't like all the rain especially when it's mixed with wind!

Persistant cough
My cold has almost gone now but I have been left with a horrid horrid cough. It sits there simmering until I am somewhere that I really ought to behave myself properly, like the Post Office queue, and then it tickles the back of my throat until it produces a hawking great smoker's cough. People edge away from me and I can't stop or speak until tears are pricking in my eyes!
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  1. I don't know what it is either Tanya but, time really IS going at warp speed. Someone should be shouting in a Scottish accent..."I can't hold her sir - she's breaking up"!
    Hope your cough improves right now!!
    Chele x

  2. I can do the scottish accent for you happydacks.
    Warp spped is right, the Christmas countdown on my blog is scaring me now. I also have that cough Tanya, for weeks now, and have resorted to sooking stinky cough sweeties, they wiff but help.
    Enjoy your son's show!
    I heart Pipples!!!

  3. Hope your cough gets better soon - not fun :(

  4. so glad you got to see your work in action and what a fun colorful booth you have! Still loving the pipples! So sweet and cuddly, like baby kittens