Friday, 4 December 2009

******* WINNERS ********

Well, Flossie pulled out 3 names for the Giveaway and ta-dah!!

First name out, winning the Smiley buttons is:
Congratulations Beck!
Next winning the 20 squares of felt was:
Congratulations Anne Marie - you need to choose 20 colours from here!
And last but not least, winning the Spotty Star buttons:
Congratulations SparklePetal! You need to decide which colours you would like for your stars!
You can see the colours again here.

Well, well done everyone!! Hope you enjoyed it. I will do another at the end of December to cheer us all up in that dip in post Christmas celebrations!! xx
ps - can the winners email me at with their addresses and colour choices if needed so I can post the prizes out!! xx


  1. Well done lucky winners!!

    Tanya, we loved the Trevor post! My eldest left a comment. Yes it was Hamish, he is the boss cat so felt it his place to remind young Trevor of the rules.


  2. Does it say SparklePetal? Does it, does it? I am so ridiculously excited!!

    I just need a minute or so to dither over the colours....


  3. I am so excited to see my name - golly I just discovered your wonderful blog and I am a winner - how special this is to me. Thanks a million!!

  4. Wow! How exciting. I have had a busy few days and haven't caught up with blogs so this is a lovely Monday morning surprise. Thank you so much! My details are: Beck Walker, 42 Millar Street, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia 3460.
    Now I will have a smiley face all day! x