Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Some Christmas favourites.....

have made their way out of the attic again.....
First of all, there's Santa, waiting patiently for the real one by the wood burner.Then there's the Christmas bunting I made last year, hanging above the beautiful mermaid print by my lovely friend Lisa.And a sign for Santa, to make absolutely sure he stops here (plus a very polite letter for him from Floss).Then there's the 'rainbow' Christmas tree. Every year, I have a theme, usually 2 colours, very calm, very 'designed' - sometimes pink and silver, often white and silver. But this year, in honour of all the rainbow crafting that has been going on this year, I chose pink, yellow, blue, green, red and purple. A decision that was met with whole-hearted child approval!!
Oops, is it really only 9 days?!!!

There has been some crafting going on around here, Flossie did the above picture last night, from felt of course, I am just loving the snow!!
Yes, I must admit, it's getting very Christmassy around here!!
Christmas wishes to all!! xx


  1. I love the rainbow tree! fab! and the count down sign to Christmas! oooo it's exciting!!XX

  2. yea for christmas and for your post. We've been missing you around The Burrow. Love the tree! We put everything on the tree :) and felty snow! WOOT!

  3. I love your Santas, they are so cute and hold a lot of charm!

  4. Merry Christmas to you too! Your decorations look great - very cheery & festive...