Monday, 1 February 2010

I think my head is going to explode!

Okay, so, first I'll lull you into a false sense of normality. Look at this beautifully colourful and restful-looking chair. Doesn't it just make you want to sit there and read, or crochet?
Yes, it makes me want to too. But I can't. Because I have TOO much going on.

Now I know that a lot of you who come here do so for the happiness and colour. Well, okay, look at the picture above.

Okay, ready? I really need your help!!!!!!!!
I have been thinking too much and I can't do it anymore. My head is about to explode. I have discovered something. There are no NEW ideas. There are no words or names that haven't been thought of ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
Okay, deep breaths!!!!
I will explain........ it has been brought to my attention as I get my various projects onto a more business-like (ha, ha!!!!) footing, that a similarly-named set of creatures to my Pipples is currently on the telly and since I don't have any children under 5, I had no idea. It isn't the same name, just sounds similar and begins with the same 3 letters.
I have sought advice and it will cost something to use any option other than to CHANGE THE NAME!!!! Yes I know!!!!!!!!!
I love the Pipples and their name. I love Pipple World and Pipplepost and everything!!!! (sobs like a snotty child).
BUT I don't want to pay or fight, so since they are quite new, okay, I thought to myself, I'm a creative person, I'll just think of something else.
I have thought for 3 weeks, I have put words into google a million times and found other people have thought of it or something similar, because you see, this time, it has to be UNHEARD of, nothing similar, nowhere!!!
I have discovered wordoid which is actually quite addictive, and makes up new words, but haven't found anything that sounds like these little creatures.
On top of all this, my eldest has now got shingles and is in loads of pain, and its Flossie's 10th birthday tomorrow so I have to make a giant Jaffa cake (don't even go there!!!!!! I'll show you tomorrow if, IF it works!)
So, my wonderful bloggy friends, I DO apologise if you were checking in for a bright and colourful start to your week. You might want to go and get a cup of tea, like I'm going to!!!

I will leave you with a picture of the begging, beseeching soon-to-be-not Pipples. I have set up a competition on the pipple blog to think of a name. The winner will be able to choose one of these little creatures to come and live with them.
How could you choose?!!!! xxxx
Will return tomorrow fully bright and cheerful now I've had my rant. Thanks for listening, you're the best!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh Tanya, I hope big son is better soon, sending lots of love xxxx What about, popples? pepples ( a bit like pebbles?!) Pimples....'cos you just want to squeeze them!...ok I'll go no :)xx

  2. Pants Tanya! I shall talk to my boys, let them read the Pipple blog and we'll put our heads together. I won't lie they'll be gutted about the name change but if ChiefPipple says so.....
    We'll get back to you!

  3. I'm so sorry! For all of it (even the cake). I love the pipples too and have been eagerly awaiting tax return money (just a couple of more weeks)! Damn telly. I'll be thinking and thinking and thinking. And good on you for asking for help - sometimes someone not so close can see things....

  4. If the Pipples have to have a new name, do the Flugs still stay as Flugs? Because I really like the name 'Flug', probably even better than 'Pipple'! How irritating for you, specially as it was your daughter that named them if I remember right? I'll try and think of a good new name for them, but as you say it is very hard!

  5. Yes, the Flugs will still be Flugs. And the Snooks will still be Snooks.
    And Ali, I do hope your boys won't be gutted. Perhaps they'll think it's exciting being able to help find a name? Hope so.
    Thanks to you all for helping. xx

  6. Alright... nothing comes to mind just now but I'll put my thinking hat on - after I find it!

  7. Not a good day. I've been wracking my brain trying to think of what the tv ones are called as I don't have any under 5s either. Very annoying for you and for all of us who love the Pipples!

  8. My boys were not too gutted as they felt more sorry for you that you HAVE to change the name. They are trying hard to think of a new name...
    In a hope to cheer you up a bit we have big plans for a Valentine proposal and a summer wedding (the boys are planning on making a felt kilt for Trevor!), after which I shall be requesting you be the stork that brings a baby for the happy couple.
    Even if their name changes, their world will still continue.
    Ali XX

  9. Ali, that's sooo exciting!! Certainly cheered up now! and on the look out for 'perfect' babies!!!! Great fun!!
    Yes you're right - their world continues!! Say thanks to the boys for thinking - it is very hard!! xx

  10. Plippitydoots? Yummidies? Knipples?(ok, maybe not that one..) Gigglies? Playbies? Scoobles? Morphs? Lubbidies? It's a tough one. Pipples was just so right.