Sunday, 21 February 2010

Party Party Party!!!!!

What an exciting weekend!! First 100s (well, it seemed like that!!!) of little hats were made, (by a very patient Flossie). She made them line up too!!!And there was a lot of knitting too as look how many new little creatures came over the wall!!! (There are some real sweeties in this lot, let me tell you! and some characters!!)And then, of course, there was a PARTY!!! Check the exciting news here if you haven't already. And please join as a follower as they can't take their followers with them and they SO love their followers!! (Yes really, they check them every night!!)
I'll leave you with a shot of the party - it was the place to be!!!! xx


  1. Looks like a hoot! I adore those little guys...

  2. That is so sweet, how much fun are they all having?? Love Posie

  3. What a great party!
    The new name is really good! Well done for finding one you like and more importantly you can keep.
    Hubby, of course, pipes up bodkins are types of arrow heads from the middle ages so I said to be cheesy and to make him shh, that's how they get into our hearts so easily.
    We all want more Bodkins!

  4. I love the name bodkins!! fantastic! and they look to be having a fantastic time!!x

  5. Those bodkins know how to party!

    Love Lydia