Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Meet Flora....

Finished another Luvvie yesterday - this is Flora. One of those serendipitous lightbulb moments of thought happened to me and I have, albeit, kind of accidentally, decided that the Luvvies are all going to have thespy theatrical names of some real 'luvvies'.
This is Flora.
After Ms. Robson.
This is what is on my sewing machine today.
I am doing a bit of quilting. In blues, greens and yellows. I LOVE quilting but need more practise. xx

Oh, and one thing I have discovered is how fantastic these large pins are when you have a few layers to pin. You need fewer and they are less fiddly.
If you don't have any yet, I sell them here. In hearts, flowers and leaves. Choices, choices!! xx