Thursday, 4 February 2010

Double figures.

On Tuesday, our little Floss was ten, the big 1o!! Excited was NOT the word!!
She had a great time, laughed a lot and loved her presents and all her visitors...
and even the completely strange but oddly edible Giant Jaffa Cake was a weird success!!!!!!!
And just look at this fabulous card that my eldest son's gorgeous girlfriend made for Floss......

How fantastic is that?!!! Even though the Pipples are causing me a massive headache at the moment, I LOVE that card. So sweet.

And on the Pipple note, can I just say a big thank you to all those of you who have emailed and left messages with potential names. I am still searching, and researching since I don't want anything similar out there!!
It could run and run forever, so I have decided that I must have found a name by Sunday to put an end to the torment. If I find one not suggested by anyone, then I will put all the names of kind people who have offered help into a hat and draw out a winner that way. So either way, someone will win a Pip....Thingy of their choice!! You can look here for the ones currently available.
SO, PLEASE KEEP THINKING!! It's not easy, especially when you start looking at similar stuff and find others have got there first!
I keep having to go and do something else as it's driving me mad.
On a happier note, I spent some time on the very therapeutic task of making felt rainbow piles and my felty customers might like to know that the felt packs are all replenished in my shop here and here. I always love playing with felt and the colours always make me happy so it was a lovely change from thinking about Thingy names.


  1. I'm totally rubbish at coming up with names so I won't embarass myself with crappy suggestions. I will say though good luck with choosing!

    PS - Happy Birthday to Floss!


  2. Love the cake and the card!
    Aah Tanya, still day three and I cannae believe how much worse MDF is than wood for saw dust......and he's back tomorrow. It will be worth it.......I've been working hard at reading Harry Potter. Dinner is marinating so I can at least pretend I've done something constructive today......jeez I'll be cleaning for weeks!!!!!
    We're still thinking...isn't it hard?
    Ali XX

  3. The cake looks ace! and I love the 'thingies' card fantastic! call them no names! till they're adopted then the proud owner has to come up with a name for the little orphan no-name!!! there you go , problem solved! now sit down and have a cuppa and a slice a slice of a giant jaffa!!x

  4. I know whatever you and the thingys vote on for names will be perfect (well, second perfect). You are just far too good.. cuz I'm pretty sure I would have said, "sod all" and kept the name... except (and I'm entirely biased here) I like the acronym I made ;)