Sunday, 28 February 2010

Computer -weary but a great deal!!!!

Well it has taken me a whole day but you can now get a bargain at my website - ANYTHING you order, yes, no matter HOW much! will be sent at a flat rate of £1.80 in the UK and £1.80 plus a £2 handling fee everywhere else!!!!
I know!!! What an absolute bargain!!!
So if you were to go mad on these beautiful polka dot beauties:
or develop a sudden hankering for loads of yummy wool mix felt in all these colours:or maybe polka dots aren't your thing and you're more of a gingham checked country girl? And you want these babies:

Then all you would pay is a mere £1.80 if you live here in the UK and £3.80 flat Air Mail anywhere in the world!!!!!!!
I know this is pure shameless self-promotion, but I also know how you all love a bargain.
And that's me after all - shameless!! xx
P.S. just to add, for Cass, who asked me, this will be permanent for the foreseeable future, not a special offer that will disappear - a special offer that will stay!! Which makes it very special!! Ok, I'll stop saying special now!! xx


  1. not shameless! Great news for those of us who live far far away! WOOT!

  2. Awesome! Just wondering if this a permanent thing or a limited time only?

  3. Yes Cass, it's a permanent thing. Glad you like it!! x

  4. Fantastic! I love a bargain too!;)x