Monday, 30 November 2009

Busy busy busy....AND A GIVEAWAY!!!

Yes, it's all going on here at the moment. So many things to do....
Of course that's good. And also a little worrying- I don't really like that little panicky nagging feeling that I have 168 things to do and only five minutes to do it all in!
I spent the whole weekend at the local craft market as it was the Christmas market and the local lights were switched on. A big Hello to all the lovely people who came and saw us all there. There was a good atmosphere - we even had mulled wine to warm us!
I took a basketful of Pipples along to join in the fun. I did let them out when we got there - they were starting to squabble as they were a little squashed!

They absolutely loved seeing all the people - although I couldn't bring myself to leave them alone on the Saturday night and had to bring them home with me!

Lost it? What is that you say? Hmmm, maybe never had it!!!

I've also made some new baby Pipples and they are so cute!! Read more about the Pipples here.

Now onto the end of November GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I enjoyed last month's giveaway so much that I'm going to try and do it at the end of every month.
This time, there will be another THREE giveaway gifts -
1) BECAUSE THEY WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY - a whole handful of smiley face buttons, 6 yellow, 6 pink and 6 turquoise happy smiley little faces for you!
20 sheets of felt in 9" squares this time and YOU get to choose the colours - from all of these!!!
and 3) BECAUSE IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMAS - 20 gorgeous polka dotty spotty star buttons -
choose colours from blue, orange, yellow, green, purple and pink.
How will you choose?
To enter simply leave a comment at the end of this post. There you are - lovely crafting bloggy people - my Christmas gift to 3 of you at least! xx


  1. Ohh wow, thank you so much for this! I would love to enter. Glad you enjoyed the markets :)
    Have a great week xx B.

  2. What a gorgeous giveaway! The market sounds fun and I love your Pipples xo

  3. So in love with the pippels!

  4. Just love all your stuff! In fact, I've put your etsy shop link on my Christmas wish list for my dh. What a Christmas that would be!

  5. How can I resist a giveaway like this! Your pipples are really adorable, cute names too!

  6. Great giveaway! I love that you couldn't part with your adorable pipples.

  7. your giveaways make me want to hyperventilate with excitedness and even THINKING I could possible win gorgeous felt or buttons oh my!
    So here I am, rollin' the dice * YAHTZEE *.. wait...

  8. Drooling over that gorgeous felt! I *love* rainbows full of colour! :)

  9. Ooo you know how to spoil folk. Nommy colours!

  10. Fab giveaway Tanya, hope I win.

    Hoping to send some Trevor photos this week, he's settled in well and even been to a panto. The boys are desperate for more with plans to marry them off to each other but I said I better check with you they are unrelated.
    Take care

  11. Oh gosh, those polka dot star buttons are so cute! Loving all the Pipples still!

  12. Another lovely, bright post! Loving the pipples

    B :)

  13. Hay Pipple Queen, I don't know what you put in your tea but can I have some! The pipples rock!xxxx

  14. I would love to enter! Thank you so much! I love felt! NO, I love all prizes and will be over the moon if I win.

  15. More lovely buttons ..... do you have a button mine in your back garden ? I'd love to enter , please .

  16. I just discovered your blog - how fun this it - love everything. I glad to meet pipples!

  17. oooo, such a lovely delightful giveaway. I am crossing my fingers the giveaway goddess is watching over me...