Monday, 19 April 2010


to blogs.
Yep, that's how it is becoming for me - and it's all too easy......there are so many talented, interesting people out there that it's so easy to start with a cup of tea in the morning....thinking 'I'll just have a little look-' and before you know it, a couple of hours have gone by and the impetus to 'get on' has diluted into 'Oh, well, it's nearly lunchtime now - time for a coffee, then I'll put a wash on...'
And before you know it, school pick-up time has rolled around (or that magic hour before school pick-up time when you can't actually do anything because you have to watch the clock).

So, she says, in a determined's going to change.
No, all you interesting blogs, I am NOT abandoning you, but I have to get myself a little organised for if I don't, then there won't be anything interesting happening here in this little blog!
This week I am getting organised with the bigger picture in mind. Hmm, sounds like a great plan.
There will also be a lot more making going on. A whole lot more. Much much more. Oh yes, indeedy.
On this note, I must tell you, I've got a incy wincy bit ahead of the game and spent yesterday making another Marguerite bag. My Marguerite Believe bag sold at the weekend and it is, as I write, nestled amongst tissue and on it's way to it's new home.
I did miss it, hanging prettily in my room, so I decided to make another.
Actually, I want one for myself, and I did think I might have this one, since the colours are very me.....
and after all, it has got my name on......
I do enjoy making these....I like the placing the fabrics, finding contrasts, adding special oh-so-touchable velvet.....
and I like the fact that the back and the front are different, so you can change the look a little....

It's my favourite type of bag as you can wear it over your shoulder, or across your body where it feels like part of your clothes.
Then I remembered that I am getting more organised and that this is supposed to be a business, albeit a 'starting-out-and-fledgling' business.
All the same, it is a business and you can't can't eat all the chocolates if you won a chocolate shop!!! So I am putting the beautiful, so so pretty Marguerite Hope bag very reluctantly in my Etsy shop. And here she is. xx


  1. Yes it is addictive isn't it?? I like the sound of your plan and your new bag is gorgeous. It's not a bad thing to limit your computer time. Or make your blogging time a reward for a certain amount of work finished/started. Easier said than done though! xo

  2. I'm doing the same thing right now (should put a wash on but I'll just have a little looksee while the baba naps...)!!! The bag is lovely, love the fabrics really pretty. Were your labels from woven labels uk? As mine look almost the same (although with my name obviously, cause that would be a bit silly ...) I ordered some ages ago in pale blue writing and have been squinting at them for so long I just gave in and ordered some others in bolder colours so I might be able to actually see them properly......Anyway better go put a wash on.....x

  3. Love the colours in the bag. Very me except that they are my decorating colours not wearing ones. I have the same problem with blogs but find if there is no one at home I will have a read, pull myself up to do something then reward myself with a little rest on the net and then a little more work. I find I can actually get more done that way than having a long look and then having a sleep because I am too tired for more. Cherrie

  4. Oh I know the blog addiction problem oh so well!! time just flies by! Love your bag, beautiful!

  5. She's beautiful. :)

    And I will put on the washing... soon. ;)

  6. SOOOOO addicted! I actually have to tell myself outloud that I am not to turn the computer on until everything else is taken care of. There have been days when the kids have had toast & milk for dinner because I have been otherwise occupied...Your bag is just lovely.

  7. Eek - i know what you mean! I'm sure I had something else important to do on the computer...

    Love love love your bag- how pretty!

  8. I am addicted to blogs too. I was going to do so much today and i came on for a quick read and its now 7pm. Love your bag xx