Tuesday, 27 April 2010

imagine... a cushion.....

I love this olive-y green 70s fabric and have teamed it with a really beautiful piece of cotton lacy crochet. Again, there is velvet - this time a sludgy khaki gold.
This one is embroidered with 'imagine' which I think is one of the best things anyone can do....and which I do a little too much of!The back has a cut-out of the fav olive fabric. Might just do another one of these before I move on - they are a lot of fun to do with all the fiddly bits!!
Now on the one lovely day we are supposed to have this week, I must go and hang out the sheets!
Think I'll take my camera so you can see the new hen pen!! At last, those naughty girls are not climbing all over and eating my flowers!! Have a lovely day whatever you're doing! x


  1. Morning! Pop on over to my blog as I have an award waiting for you! Have a wonderful day! xxx

  2. Your cushions are just lovely!! And imagining is such a blissful way to spend one's time. Keep on dreaming :)

  3. woot! very industrious of you in such a pretty pretty way..

  4. I have an "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" award for you!When you have time please call into my blog where you will find your award!!xx

    Thank you for sharing your lovely blog - it gives me great pleasure! xxx

  5. Great cushion! Love the fabric combination!!