Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New studio space part 1

Hmmm... having a little play around with dear old blogger - what do you think?
Not completely sure but I do like a change!
Well, A LOT has been accomplished in the days I've been away. I hope you're all well and getting on with lots of yummy creative things as usual!
Thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of my new studio space!! Yes? I know I LOVE to see where other people work. I must say, I was very fond of my little sewing room but it had, as you may recall, got to the point of being screamingly frustrating as I tripped over fabric and had nowhere to put the iron down!!!
Dear S moved out, or should that be 'was moved' out little by little.....and apart from the completely annoying and totally time-consuming problem of a dodgy connection deep in the depths of the ex-little sewing room......now has a very cosy office where books line the shelves that once held fabric and buttons.

And so, to the front room, which is where I am now taking up residence. It is not as naturally light as the sewing room as it is at the front of our house and faces north but it has a beautiful fireplace and I have already made it quite cosy....
I have plans for the wall over the fireplace but wanted to get everything in first.
It took absolutely ages to move everything - had no idea fabric was sooooo heavy!!! Even with help from the four people with younger legs than mine... it still took many many trips up and down stairs with much moaning. It was lovely having help but I can't say it was altogether willing - and during the week of the move, my children, I noticed, developed a habit of disappearing quickly whenever something needed to go upstairs or down.
There was a constant refrain during this time (from yours truly) of "take something with you!!" every time anyone went up or down stairs!
This is the fab new poster which was a birthday present from my lovely Aunt in London. The colours are perfect for my new room and I love its cheerfulness! xx


  1. Wow, looks like a great space to be creative. Lucky you. Hope all is well.

  2. lovely lovely lovely! So glad you've gotten things situated and the fireplace!

  3. Looks fab!! I love the 'have a nice day' bus pic on the wall! and that chair looks perfect to sit in to do a bit of crocheting!)x

  4. I LOVE how the red chair is such a burst of color in the room! It looks so inviting! :)

  5. Hello! Newbie Blondedesign here! Love the room, and dare I say love the pop art print (chuckle). And a great idea with the felt print framed pic....you should sell them. Kxx