Wednesday, 14 April 2010

getting re-acquainted.....

after what seems like weeks and weeks, I have been getting re-acquainted with the lovely Aurora, my trusty Bernina.
"Well hello," said she.
"Fancy seeing you here," said I.
and so began an hour or two of blissful making as we worked together side by side, choosing fabrics from my ever-growing vintage stash (me, not her) and piecing them together....this one here, that one there.....(again, that was me) and then, calmly sewing each piece together (that was her) until a cushion begins to emerge..... of such flowery beauty that I can't help smiling as I Dilys....for Aurora and I both agreed that such a flowery cushion should have a suitable name.....
The back is a wonderful 'find' - heavy-ish linen with stripes of teal.

and so as Dilys snuggles into the red chair by the fire, it is time for me to go and attend to more domestic chores - there is a huge huge pile of ironing (actually it is too enormous to be one pile and is in fact covering the chair and 3 baskets in our bedroom) which is calling me name.....

I wonder if it will hear me if I creep by and get a cup of tea first? x


  1. beautiful cushion, love it! I have a pile of ironing like that too....maybe if we ignore it long enough it will go away!!...some luck!x

  2. Aah Tanya, should I be surprised at Dilys, she's lovely! Is your ironing pile really a mountain? Please say it is, pretty please so I feel better about the mountain I pretend has a perception filter Tardis/Doctor Who like and that's why I cannot see it properly enough to actually deal with it.

  3. What an absolutely gorgeous cushion :)