Friday, 30 April 2010

in which the hens get a new home....

Yesterday, I did venture out with my camera - loved spotting the bits of Spring-like newness sprouting in the garden - new budding leaves on the apple trees.....and finally those naughty hens have plenty of room of their own and my flowers are safe from pecking!!
They have space to dig and scratch around and plenty of cosy places in the sun to make a round hole for sunbathing which they absolutely love to do. This is Flora, Dora and Cora.... I think Nora must have been busy laying an egg!!
Oh, and you simply must pay my lovely and extremely talented friend Lisa a visit here
as she is having the most generous giveaway to celebrate blogging for a whole year!!!! xxx


  1. We really must get chooks, we've been talking about it for ages..great pictures..