Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My creative space....

today has not been too bad on the productive front.....
I have achieved 2 of the 6 things I wanted to do today making-wise!! (really - lately that's fantastic!)
Here is an all-action shot of the making in progress.....!

I am still completely absorbed with using my vintage fabrics (I love this one which was an old curtain and a truly thrifty find) and doilies, and today I tried out a new design for fabric brooches....and discovered 1)that it is really difficult to take a picture of yourself sewing!! and 2) that I really need to use some of the gorgeous hand cream on my dressing table right now!!!
I am absolutely besotted with the doilies and their different shapes and colours, I've experimented with dyeing a few and left others, like this one, natural. I like to imagine the ladies who crocheted them whilst I sew too, who had no idea what they would end up being used for.....
The little owl twins, who are my latest thrifty find, seem to approve of the finished brooch. (They are looking slightly wary as they know I am still in two minds as to whether to paint them or not. So far they've escaped but every time I get out my little paint tins, they look nervous. Hmmm....)
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  1. I like to imagine about origins and futures of things while I sew too... my thoughts can sometime take me on fascinating journeys.
    Loving the vintage fabric ... and lets face it - you can't really go wrong with a doily! ... well not in my book anyway.

  2. That brooch is lovely. So beautiful to work with vintage fabric isn't it :)

  3. Your brooch is lovely I love the idea of thinking about the lady who crochet it whilst you sew!:)

  4. It's great making things using other people's hand made somethings.

    The owls do look a little nervous...