Friday, 27 November 2009

Creating ........

is a peculiar process sometimes, don't you find?
For a long time now, I have wanted to make something that had a personality.
A little life of its own.

Something I could grow a little bit fond of.

Something I could maybe make lots of and they would look cute together.

I tried dolls at first. And fairies.

But there was something wrong with the scale. And the fact that there are lots of doll creatures out there.
Then I thought about teddies,
but there are even more teds than dolls I think. Then rabbits, mice, monkeys, even snakes.

Nothing felt quite right.
Then the other day, whilst messing about with a sock, and squeezing it and filling it with just the right amount of filling, I almost accidentally made a creature.
This creature looked up at me with soulful eyes, willing me to make some friends for it, and stared even more soulfully at the lovely new wool I had put to one side for the day I finally learn to crochet. The very expensive wool than was meant to be a beautiful crocheted blanket. Or something.
But the little creature was cold. It really needed a scarf. Out of the lovely new wool. And so I gave in.
Then Flossie came in. She exclaimed and LOVED the creature so much that I gave it to her. So then I had to make some more.
What were the creatures called? she asked. I'm not sure, I replied. They're a bit like people, but not.
They're Pipples then, she said, matter-of-factly, like the wise child that she is.
And so the Pipples arrived.
Every day a few more arrive.
They are very friendly creatures and don't take up much room.
Today a Flug came too. He was supposed to be a Pipple but half way through the making, he informed me that he was NOT a Pipple but was in fact a Flug.
Sometimes I do wonder who is in charge here........


  1. I just left a comment about Trevor's safe arrival on the Pipple blog but wanted to say thank you for coming up with such wonderful creations. My boys have been completely absorbed in the idea of them and their world. If you could have seen their faces when they opened the box......and then introducing him to the cats and other toys in the's been such fun and we really want more so Santa may have to be involved in bringing some more to Scotland. I've said it before, you really are a clever lady!
    Ali X

  2. I think these are definitely going to have to go on our wishlist! So adorable I want to squeeze one as soon as possible. We have lots of cozy nooks in our house for them to live so here's to getting a little money put aside for our pipple/flug adoption

  3. Your pipples are very sweet, they really do have personality, don't they! Lovely...

  4. oh! these are so adorable! my daughter will love these, I'll have to show her the pipple blog in the morning :)

  5. So sweet, I love their little faces xo

  6. The pipples are just amazing. I can't wait to follow along with their journey in the world.

  7. love the Pipples!! you should do a book! missed you Friday night, take care Lisax

  8. They do have soulful eyes, those Pipples. I really like them. I wonder what the collective noun for a group of Pipples is? A pippet of Pipples? Regardless, of what they are collective known as, they are very very very lovely. I really like them, they do certainly look like something one could become quite fond of. Thanks for visiting my blog, it's very nice to meet you! I am a Tanya with a Y too!