Friday, 16 October 2009

A beautiful button post...

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you - the very popular RED polka dot buttons are BACK!!!!!
And not only that, my friends, they have brought some new cousins with them - may I introduce the AQUA polka dots....
the TEAL polka dots...the SOFT ORANGE polka dots...
and last but not least, the LIME polka dots!!!! Ta Dah!!!!!!!
Yes, I'm afraid I do feel a bit Ta-Dah-ry today - a bit like a magician pulling rabbits out of his hat, well buttons, not rabbits, obviously.
I am in rainbow heaven, surrounded as I am this morning by all this colour and all around yumminess.
There is more......
are you sitting down?.....Okay, I have the wonderful Spotty Dotty buttons in a smaller size, they are just the height of cuteness! Check this out-
these babies are half an inch (just under 1.5cm) in diameter and they are SO cute!
The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted (sorry, couldn't resist!) a new colour peeping out there too. A lovely soft buttery yellow. I am in LOVE!!!!!
Sorry, the buttons are calling me now, I am just going to have to have a little play with all that colourful gorgeousness. And then there's the arranging - they need new jars, lots of jars, to be filled and gazed at lovingly......
In case you think I have completely lost it, I tell you there are lots of people out there in Crafty Land who would be exactly the same!! I know there are! ......Aren't there?! xOooh, nearly forgot to say! If you would like to share some of this yumminess, they will be in my shop and in my Etsy shop just as soon as I can get them there!!! You can always drop me a line if you have to have them NOW! I would understand completely!!!


  1. Tanya, I think you need to sit down and take a deep breath, that's it, walk slowly away from the buttons, that's it...slowly does it, I'll pop the kettle on and make you a strong cup of tea!!
    Just wanted to say (now your away from the button's) I've done a post about best place on earth....hope it inspires you!!xx

  2. I've just ordered some of those babies, lovely red ones. I am so happy!! I've been wanting some for AGES. Button love to you!!
    Also I love your blog, I check in every day to see what you have to say and am always so pleased when you have posted something new!!

    Ali X:O)

  3. Thanks for your kind words, it's always lovely to know that someone is actually out there reading! And Lisa, I have stopped looking at the buttons.....honestly!