Tuesday, 27 October 2009

What's Hot and what's Not.....

Joining in again with the lovely Loobylu.......

HOT is.....

1)Other people liking my new polka dot beauties almost as much as I do in their citrussy shades! Thank you - you know who you are!
2) The wonderful windy, drizzly Autumn days we are having at the moment - I just love the wildness of it all. Makes me want to twirl in the leaves with my hands above my head like a little kid!
Autumn Leaves Photograph by Nancy Mueller

3)That weird thing that happens when you have lots of things you have to do - you can then only think of the things you WANT to do! Whenever I have commissions (which is great) I make them whilst all the time dreaming of the other things I'm going to make the minute I have time! Does this happen to anyone else? Its like a kind of creative tease your mind plays on you.

4) Having a walk across the fields and into the woods with your husband alone for the first time in about 16 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooooooh!!!!!!!

NOT is...

1) My poor 15 year old succumbing to the flu virus and turning from a tall, rangy, smiley, cheerful boy into a moaning, ghostly statue in his bed. Bit worried there for a time but now thanks to the anti-virals he seems to be returning to much more like his normal self! Thank goodness!

2) Our kettle - which is needed for tea-making at least a hundred times a day - breaking and shutting off the electricity not once but three times today. I have now resorted to a camping kettle on the gas stove but this means that wherever I am I have to drop everything and come running when the whistle blows!

3) Realising that even though 30 years have gone by, your sister can still wind you up the way she did when you were ten. Deep breaths......I am a grown-up......I am a grown-up.......xx

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  2. ...sorry about removing comment - bad spelling!
    Start again...

    Going out with your husband, without any chaperones!
    Now that’s a novelty. Well done, booking the babysitter now!

  3. Thank you for dropping by and commenting! Excited to start perusing your site :) and try my luck at the felt giveaway *G*

  4. Aw glad 15 year old is feeling better, and way hay on romantic interlude hope it's the start of many more to come!! Lisaxxx ...ps my brother makes me feel the same way!!

  5. I love those buttons....I also love that they led me to your shop, which I think I may be visiting many times more!!
    It's also nice to hear about a grizzly autumn which is how I really feel inside at the moment but in reality I am wearing flip flops and sunglasses and they call it spring over here??? Thats so wrong it's nearly November people of Australia!!

  6. oooh delicious buttons!!! Don't know if I could cope with no kettle!

  7. That is the most spectacular photograph of autumn leaves!