Monday, 19 October 2009

A start...

After a successful Craft Market on Saturday, during which I made my usual list of Things To Do This Week, I spent most of Sunday making pencil rolls and button charm bracelets.
From past experience, I have discovered that it's better to work in 5 or 6's than aim as I used to for making 10 of something.Not only do you risk falling entirely out of love with whatever it is you are making when you know you've still got another 5 to go, and you can start to feel like a craft 'factory' which is so not the point of handmade! But also, you might end up as I once did with 10 or 12 of one thing and nothing else!
So I now make in handy 5 or 6's . With the pencil rolls, I made 5 simply because in a spare moment last week, I had already cut the felt strips and had enough for 5!
I have altered my previous design and decided to try the rainbow inners in felt. You know by now my love of felt! and it's soft warmth really lends itself to being in a pencil roll. You can almost imagine the pencils sighing with relief as they are returned to their cosy pockets after a hard day's colouring!!
I'm really pleased with how they're turned out and have actually managed to list some already in the Etsy shop.
Having exhausted my stack of pre cut felt strips, I then turned to the button charm bracelets as the evening wore on..

I have no time to waste this week as I am absolutely determined to get a little bit more organised for the Christmassy fairs that are rushing towards me! Still haven't made any Christmas decorations but at least I'm on the way with the stocking of the craft stall!
I particularly love the Coffee and Cream charm bracelet, loving the different browns and creams.

But I also have a soft spot for the flowers as usual....
Actually, the LIME one is a delight too....

..nope, can't decide on a favourite - just love all the buttons!!!
Okay, I have to say it - my name is Tanya and I am a button-oholic!!!!! There I've said it - anyone else coming out?
The bracelets come gift-boxed and it is really satisfying to see them sitting ready in their smart boxes...
at least they're ready for Christmas even if I'm not!! x


  1. My name is Ali and I too am a button-oholic!!

  2. Oh these things are so lovely! That buttony bracelet nestling in its beautiful box... and I love the fact that the pencils get colour-coordinated pockets! That is genius!

    By the way, do you know the artist's name who painted the floral composition on your side bar? I'd love to see it a bit bigger!

  3. They're gorgeous Tanya...I know a few people I'll be getting the button bracelet for!! fab! xx