Monday, 12 October 2009

Oh no, oh no.....and yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The title tells you exactly how my day has been so far!
Firstly I spent the best part of Sunday cutting all 70 colours of felt into cute hearts and sticking them down, then finding a font that stood out and was large enough to read but not too big to fit on my card!
Then this morning we had some sunshine. I was like a woman possessed darting here and there in every bit of sunlight that appeared in our house - the hall, the landing, my bedroom, a bit of the living room by the window......
Then came the uploading, the editing, and the trying out.....finally I was ready to check it worked and Etsy was down!
How frustrating is that?!!!
I had to wait hours until finally, I managed to make it work. Yes! I have actually made a link that takes you to a big version of this -
Boy, did I feel clever!!!!! It's amazing how happy conquering a little bit of computing makes yo feel. So, if you want to see all 70 wonderful colours (which are of course available here ) you can now click here for colour chart xx

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