Thursday, 1 October 2009


Ooooh...don't you just LOVE the internet? I know I do, all the pictures, words and facts at your fingertips every day all day, whenever you choose to look for them....
Well, not always - yesterday, I had NO internet, not at all, ALL DAY.
Well, actually I did have a little bit first thing in the morning and was cheerfully putting a bag in my Etsy shop then suddenly - without warning - IT WENT!
So I did the usual checking, turning on and off and suchlike technical things but NOTHING.
It was awful.
At first I tried to be quite philosophical and not bothered, thinking that if I got on and did something else, it would just come back on when I wasn't looking.
But IT DIDN'T. Did I tell you it was off ALL DAY?
I did get on, with tidying, laundry, then some gluing of brooches, then I made some bracelets. I went to the Post Office, I did some food shopping. And every now and then, I checked again. NO GO.
And I realised something. I realised just how much it has become a part of my life, this bloggy, colourful, picture-filled, inspirational world. I love dipping into other people's crafting worlds, reading about vintage finds and new buttons, and fabulously colourful crochet makes.
I absolutely adore it.
And I also realised just how much of my time is spent doing it.
Now that it's come back, I am revitalised, I am ready for my little morning dip into those inspirational blogs, then I will get on. Promise. x
Oh, and if you're wondering, the bags are some of the things I have made over the past week when I have been too busy to blog!! Before it went off. When I could have but didn't. They are now here. x

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