Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My creative space....

Today I am joining in with kootoyoo and letting you have a little peek at my creative space.
There is much afoot in my little sewing many plans in my head, many many lists on the wall, and bits of paper with half scribbled sketches ready to become something wonderful when...........
there's time!
I am in a bit of a quandry at the moment - there are some items I have sold out of on my Craft Stall and I really need to make some more - but there are also so many plans for new things in my head that I am sooooo longing to get on with these..... isn't it always the way?
Today I am planning to combine the two just a little.
I am making peg bags - both in my usual design, but also in a design that I have planned for a while.

and while I work, this is the view from my desk...
Er.....hmmm....sorry about that - THIS is the view from my desk..
Cary is actually right in front of me as you can just about see in the photo above. And I'm sure his eyes follow me around the room....well, a girl's got to have a bit of inspiration!! x


  1. i do approve of your inspiration...what a wonderful work station you have..that would be extra inspiration for me...i would not want to leave..:)

  2. lovely space - I really fancy your shelves of ribbon and buttons, seriously sweet!

  3. Brilliant space - I have space envy! Love the ribbons and buttons too. Lucky you!

  4. Oh the reels and jars of rainbow happiness! One day when I live in a mansion with a room all of my own I am going to have shelves of pretty things to select from for my next project...

  5. lovely space full of color and creative