Friday, 23 October 2009

WIPs and a bit of nursing...

Quick post as I have SO much to make today!!!

Thought you might like to see how the peg bag turned out - I'm really happy with it, it looks very like the initial idea in my head.
I am now in the middle of making 12 fabric brooches, hopefully some will be ready for tonight as I have been asked to bring some of my things to an evening houseparty, so we shall see.

I am slightly hampered by the presence of 2 sick children! My 15 year old son is upstairs two flights up in bed with this awful flu-ey virus feeling hot then cold, and Flossie (9) is on the sofa next door having come down this morning with the same thing. My 12 year old has gone back to school today having had 5 days off with the same thing!!!
So I will be playing nurse up and down stairs, sewing, and cutting and going ever so slightly mad!!!!!!!!!! x


  1. What a shame for you all!!
    To cheer you up and hopefully make you laugh a little under the present eight year old loves to say words backwards and I have to try to figure out what he is saying. Now I am rubbish at this game but sometimes figure out the easy ones. The backwards form of buttons is....... snottub. My boys thought this was hilarious! I hope you do too! As I said, under the present circumstance, you may have to leave the love of the former for the neccessity of the latter. (Am I really making snot jokes?? I have boys, what can I say!)

    p.s what is it about a handsome man, in a dinner jacket, perched so casually?.........
    I'm a bit jealous!
    Take care,

  2. Tanya, you Star!! You left my first ever comment!! Thank you!!!

    And I do love a pun yet as my figure shows, not as much as a bun!

    Ali X:O)

  3. Aw hope Floss feels better soon, Lil's been sickening with it, but is fighting it off. I love your peg bag with the little teddy need to do one with some smalls on...bra...pants!! And I love the fabric you've chosen for the brooches they look lovely. Hope the hose party went well, Lisax

  4. love the peg beg, the little pictures are divine!
    and the fabric cut-outs make for a great pic, what a lovely selection