Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Vintage Treasure!

Well, in the spirit of Spring Cleaning..........I have been sorting out, and have decided it is time to do a little de-cluttering.
Not a lot, you understand, just a little.

I have a confession, I am a little incy wincey bit of a......(shhhhhh!) hoarder. I know!
I think I'd rather call myself a Collector. Yes, that's more like it, that sounds much better!
Well anyway, I have ...er...collected rather a lot of lovely old brooches over the years and have decided it's time to move some of my lovely things onwards!
So, dear friends, with this in mind, I wanted to show you some of the lovely Vintage Treasures I have collected...
This little bow is my favourite....
But enough, a girl can only wear so many brooches......and beautiful things need to be used and enjoyed.
So if any of the above have caught your interest, they can be found on sale here but you'd better be quick, before the hoarder in me changes her mind!! xx


  1. they're beautiful, i know what you mean about spring cleaning I'm feeling the urge to de clutter! x

  2. They are lovely, surely you don't want to get rid of them...

  3. I know what you mean, but believe me, I have more!!!!
    and some of it really has to go!! xx

  4. I saw these last night and decided I best ignore this post (after looking at etsy of course) but here I am again, looking and wishing. I do have a birthday in a few weeks.....
    I say it again, you temptress!!

  5. Sorry Ali, for tempting you!! Well, they are completely beautiful so I do understand!! xx