Saturday, 27 March 2010

Not Waving, but Drowning....

in Stuff!
Do you know what I mean?
Stuff!!!! Everywhere!!! And most of it belongs to me!!
I am in a constant state of frustration - everytime I want something in my tiny sewing room I have to move twenty four other things to get it and then put them all back to use the thing!!!
Well, that's not quite true actually, usually they don't get put back - but simply slide to the floor in a sad heap in way that makes me want to join them!
My constant moaning about the state of things has had a bit of an impact on lovely S. however, and although he had already agreed that when he had finished his book, I could swap rooms with him and have the lovely front room which is currently his office with all of it's SPACE!! this seemed such an interminably long way off that little hints and visits to said room to 'size up the place' for where to put shelves and such-like have obviously had the wonderfully desired effect. He has agreed to move a little earlier. Yes, I think you could say he has been 'worn down!!!'
I do think he would be much better cocooned into my sweet but little sewing room where I am going to make him a lovely tidy little office where he can lay out his books and leave them to his heart's content and where no-one will bother him!!!
I, on the other hand, will be much happier with my buttons and fabric in the big square Victorian front room with it's shuttered windows and lovely stone fireplace!!! Ooooh!! you see, I have BIG PLANS!
I will have to be ingenious as there is no money in the pot for the streamlined built-in shelves of my dreams - but instead I will have to filch shelves and such-like from the other rooms in the house, hoping no-one really notices the piles from said shelves, left in their place!
No-one will notice. It's only me that tidies anyway.
Will keep you posted!


  1. I'm just imagining all those shelves filled with jars of buttons and fabric and the like. Ooh how exciting!
    Lucky (even though it'll be hard,ingenious work moving) you!

  2. I am so incredibly jealous. I am sick of wandering round the house trying to find the exact thing for my project that I know is somewhere. I have no central location for all my craft supplies so they scattered here there and everywhere. I am still trying to wear down my OH. Its not working, he's more stubborn than me :-(

  3. Put boards on a few bricks aking a bookshelfor be inventive and use stacks of old books (NOT hubby's) with old fence palings covered in excess fabric or plain newsprint if they will stain. Tip shops or skip bins are great sources for cheap supplies

  4. that was 'making a bookshelf or'

  5. lovely! I admit I have considered making the master bed room a craft room. The space is so tempting! Yea for the wearing down of men! Wait... no, go ahead. I'm comfortable with that statement ;)

  6. How exciting Tanya. Could you perhaps start piling things right by the door of your 'new room' until S has to eventually climb over them to gain access?! Not forcing the issue so much as pushing things gently along? ;-) Hx

  7. Ace! fab, Tanya Palmer Industries expands!! it only gets better!! can't wait to see it and have high powered meetings there!!x

  8. PS. Tanya, there's a beautiful blogger award for you on my blog! ;-)

    Heather x