Sunday, 5 July 2009

Colour, colour everywhere..and a bit of nostalgia...

Another beauty from the garden - unfortunately these don't last very long as they are so heavy but they make me stop and smile on the way to the washing line.
Did some tidying today and was struck by how this scene could have been from years ago - there was something really 1940's about it -
That step really needs some attention! Only job number 968 then!
Anyway, back to brighter thoughts - I tidied my fabric stash today too - it doesn't last long when I'm busy choosing colours, but for a brief moment in time it looks like this:
I just love the yummy potential there - just looking at those colours gives me ideas - especially loving the polka dot. I must confess to a real weakness for polka dots.
Now I've shown you 2 parts of my little sewing room - if only the rest were as presentable, oh well, tomorrow is another day.... one section at a time. The early worm ....catches the monkey.... you know what I mean.

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