Monday, 13 July 2009

There's nothing like...

...a spot of shopping to brighten the day.

Especially when it is filled with colour!!!
Today I went out to post some parcels and look what jumped into my hands....
Okay - so I didn't actually go out looking for a necklace, a bag or a little gnome.....but tell me -
how was I supposed to see this
and then leave it behind? It was calling out to me - those colours, those shapes....
And this bag is exactly what I NEED to store my cushions,
How I ever managed before I'll never know - it's so cute - I LOVE this design and USEFUL too - perfect!
And as for Mr Gnome - well just look at his little face !!
He needed to come home with me and sit on my shelf whilst I sew. He told me he would help with inspiration. Really. He did. So I had to buy him. Really.

1 comment:

  1. They're lovely! I love your gnome and how on your labels at the bottom of your post you've tagged him Gnome!! are you planning on doing many gnome posts!! he has got that face "please buy me please!!" I think he'll be very inspirational! xx