Thursday, 16 July 2009

Because I know..

you a little better now and because I've got a new sewing table and so have had a bit of a tidy-up, I thought I'd show you around the sewing room a little more.
When I read my favourite blogs there's nothing I like more than to take a peep into someone else's world of crafting. I love seeing where other people work and how it's all arranged - so here goes:-
we'll start with Albert - I know he's a male dummy butI can't help it if he likes wearing a bit of colour!!

The gold trolley that you can just see played a bit part in my childhood - it served 2 purposes - it brought in Sunday tea complete with my Mum's freshly made meringues with cream - but more importantly, the handle served as a 'banister', a glittery gold banister for me to 'enter' down a beautiful flight of stairs whilst singing some show-stopper from the musicals. (Oh, how I miss that 'staircase'!! and goodness, I had some imagination!)
And here, you can just about see a part of the new sewing table which is a bit longer than the old one. Am amazed at how green everything looks out of the window - even the lavender in the window box looks flourishing for once! Must be all this rain.
Then part of my button and fabric stash - not as tidy as I'd like but yummy all the same.
That gets you back to one I've shown you before and now you've come full circle.
Hope you enjoyed your little tour. See you again another time I've had a tidy-up! xx
P.S. must just say, I had a lovely inspirational visit from my gorgeous friend Lisa who as always, left me with loads of ideas and energy to start creating! You must check out her blog! really - you'd be mad not to! x

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  1. Ah thank you, you are lovely! I love visiting and get inspired by the fab company and wonderful creative space!!xx