Saturday, 4 July 2009

a little bit of studio

Just thought I'd show you around a little :-this is one side of my little studio, about as tidy as it gets! I know I am very lucky to have a little studio - mind you, I've had to fight to get it, the little room that I now call my own has previously been the children's playstation den, a little tv room, and even the cats' room. Now though, it's mine all mine!
I will show you more when it's presentable but for now, here is one corner. The 70's telephone was another very lucky find in my favourite charity shop, the clock was my Grandad's and the painting was done by my late Grandma.Our house is a constant battle to tidy and de-clutter so the odd corner which looks 'sorted' is to be cherished. It doesn't last very long. I don't know where it comes from but 'stuff' tends to gather and move around inside our house a bit like flotsam, coming and going from room to room like the tide of an ocean.
Just had to show you this beautiful little blue flower - not sure what it is but I walked past it on the way to hang the washing out and went back to get the camera. Isn't it just gorgeous in all it's stripey blueness. Maybe some clever person out there will know the proper name.

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