Friday, 3 July 2009

relocation, relocation, relocation...

Today's work in progress:  making a new name banner for a gorgeous little girl called Eadie-Mae, was interrupted by the doorbell.

It was a very nice chap delivering this:

the long-awaited new hen house!!!! I was so excited that even though it was raining, I just had to start building it straight away. And after five months of research on the web, an hour of construction, and a lot of help from eldest son, it turned into this:
so our ladies have a brand new penthouse courtesy of flytesofancy and I LOVE it!!! And so does Jane Hen:

Jane, Anne and Charlotte don't really know what's happened, they must feel as if they've won the lottery and exchanged their smelly, leaking old coop for this beautiful spacious high rise cottage. And for the egg collector, no more kneeling down and banging your head, just open the collection door  and place in suitably rustic basket.
And the reason for this sudden relocation? 
sabotage! Our three ladies have been free ranging all through our plants and I want our garden back - I have visions of a beautiful cottage garden with lupins, delphiniums and roses, and so their free ranging has come to a temporary end. We feel too mean to shut them up permanently but their ranging will be on certain days only!  Now all I need is a bit of sunshine and the gardens plans will begin.......

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